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The LoRa modulation is a spread-spectrum technique that uses wideband linear frequency modulated pulses to encode information, whose frequency increases or decreases over a certain amount of time. As with other spread-spectrum modulation techniques, LoRa uses the entire channel bandwidth to broadcast a signal, making it robust to channel noise. In addition, because LoRa modulation uses a broad band of the spectrum, it is also resistant to long term relative frequency error, multi-path fading and Doppler effects. It is ideal for long distance APRS telemetry. Thanks to very high sensitivity you can make big DX with very small power and antenna. [If you have any ideas, questions, notes or power to help, please let me know. I would like to add more things to web but missing time :-)]



LoRa APRS Coverage in Czech Republic

List of the Gateways and Digi in Czech Republic

aprs-map.info page

OK2ZAW's blog page - LoRa APRS filter

Also some informations agout APRS.

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LoRa APRS DiGi and Gates status page

List of the Gateways and Digi with status

Digi & GW - IZ7BOJ dashboard

LoRa APRS Weather Stations list and status page

WX stations with LoRa TX and their status.

WX - IZ7BOJ dashboard



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