This Dashboard was developed in order to get a real-time situation of the Apulian Aprs Digipeaters and I-Gate, in terms of operability on both RF and APRS-IS side."
The dashboard can be useful for both sysops and users, in order to track and understand technical problems on the network
The dashboard is based on database. Every time the page is opened or refreshed, a query to the database is performed, for every station under control.
For every station, the "last heard" time and the path is obtained and processed, then the following data are shown on the page:
- Vitality: if the last heard packet is older than a timeout set by the administrator, then the station is declared "Dead"
- Path: in this column, you can read if the packet is heard via RF, by another digi, or directly via TPC-IP

Best 73, Alfredo, IZ7BOJ